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There's also a great in-depth official tutorial, and a lot of info in this wiki was first collected at The Slightly Unofficial Guide To Caravaneers started by SevenofSpades over at Kongregate. Go thank him!

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Did You Know...?

  • You can save the game at any time (between battles) by clicking the wrench/spanner icon in the lower-right corner of the desert-view.
  • Most of the town names actually mean something unflattering in a different language.
  • You can find some famous or familiar faces to hire in some of the towns.
  • This wiki needs more members! Recruit any friends that play the game to help build it!

What's new

  • 2007 - Caravaneer released
  • May 1, 2010 - Original Kongregate guide ported to Wikia
  • August 13, 2011 - [Caravaneer 2 volunteers group] created on Facebook
  • August 29, 2012 - [Caravaneer Players group] created on Facebook
  • July 25, 2013 - We finally have a proper featured article and visual theme!
  • August 9, 2014 - First open beta for the sequel of Caravaneer, "Caravaneer 2"
  • December, 2014 - Caravaneer 2 released

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Welcome to the Wasteland

Welcome to the Slightly Unofficial Guide To Caravaneers. This guide is meant to serve as an in-depth coverage to strategies and tactics that could and should be used both when dealing in combat and out in the world trading goods for profit. Caravaneers is a tough and overwhelming game to those not used to action/profit games such as Sid Meier’s Pirates! or Freelancer. Hopefully after reading this guide you’ll have a better idea of what weapons you should use, how you should fight, and how you should travel between towns to make the most profit out of the things you buy.

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