Caravaneer Wiki

Combat tactics[]

Combat takes experience, here are some good tips:

1. When being chased, run and gun.

The swordsmen, specially around Okaidi, tend to have a lot of AP and Hp. Most of the time, they will get in striking distance. It is best to just shoot maybe once or twice and make a break for it. Besides, you'll need the extra AP you get from running! Alternatively, if you can send a grenade or two into their midst. They tend to clump together due to their melee range.

2. When surrounded, shoot and run.

Again, the swordsmen in Okaidi are very swift and they surround you very early. The best solution is to kill the weakest person next to you and run away.

3. Out-numbered, don't worry.

Being outnumbered isn't such a big problem for players with experience, here's what to do:

  • Get some cover behind a vehicle, cart, animal, or even a meat shield.
  • Get the best weapons you can find around, it would really be worth it.
  • When enemies are in clusters, take the chance in bombing them with a Rocket launcher or even a grenade, you can easy cut the number of enemies in half.
  • Like many people say, kill the rocket launchers or grenadiers (whichever is closer), then machine gunners, then riflemen, then shotguns, then pistols, then swordsmen, then the unarmed.
  • When an enemy isn't moving (most likely because you have damaged it too much its AP is 0), kill it later and focus on the enemies which are still moving. (Also a great way to gain Experience in building AP is to run circles around the immobile enemy till you gain a few AP or get bored whichever comes first)

4. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Try killing every robber you see, and when you're tough enough, try taking the robbers located on the north-east of the map (before robber base bombing), or even the police after destroying Caravan X.

Soon enough, you will be able to kill an army regiment with only 7 men without losing anyone!