Caravaneer Wiki

The Core is the unoffical name for the north west quadrant of the region. It is named so for its closely grouped towns, rich population, and that it is host to the capital of the region. Many resources cane be found in the Core due to this.

Towns in the Core tend to fair better than others, being richly stocked with cargo such as food, water and fuel, as well as supplies such as weapons and transportation.


  • Qubba: the largest of the towns and Capital of the region. The seat of government for the region, it is richly stocked with supplies and cargo as well as any means of transportation.
  • Fort Goks: one of four mediumly towns (both in the Core and the entire region) that are all second only to Qubba; settled around a military base commisioned by the government. It is north-north west of Qubba. In the center of the town is a military base that can only be entered with a valid I.D. pass
  • Hara: a mediumly size town south west of Qubba. It refines crude oil to make fuel and is thus abundantly stocked with the latter
  • Masriah: a mudium sized town north west of Qubba.
  • Smerd: a medium sized town north of Qubba
  • Kulin: one of two small sized towns located in the Core. it is located east-north east of Qubba
  • Nirgendwo: a smaller town located south-east south of Qubba