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DP Soldier 1

DP Soldier


According John Sheppard, this is one of his two best soldiers

DP Soldier is a special character that can be found in Verdammter Platz. He is a member of the Desert Patrol.

To obtain him, it is necessary to accept John Sheppard's task, in Verdammter Platz, to attack Qubba and depose Oswald Raff. This DP Soldier will then join the player's caravan along with another DP Soldier, and leave when the Desert Patrol take over Qubba.

Starting Statistics[]

Physical Shape: 8
Agility: 9
Accuracy: 10
Intelligence: 8
Health: 80
Action Points: 14
Strength: 12
Speed (Kmh): 7
Max Capacity (Kg): 24
Sniper: 171
Doctor: 44
Veterinary: 35
Mechanic: 54