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There are several different Easter Eggs in the game. An Easter Egg is any bonus content that purposely included as a game, as a joke or for players to find.


Throughout the game, some of the people that you can hire for your caravan are easter eggs. They are listed below.

Jorge Arbusto
Health: 40
Physical Shape: 4
Agility: 4
Accuracy: 6
Intelligence: 0
AP: 6
Strength: 6
Speed: 5 km/h
Maximum Capacity: 12 kg
Sniper: 80
Doctor: 6
Veterinary: 3
Mechanic: 8
Salary: $1000/month
Location: Diep Gat
Reason for being an easter egg: His name, when translated from Spanish, is "George Bush". In addition, his picture is of George W. Bush, He has an intelligence of 0, and is grossly overpaid.

Pedro Rodriguez
Health: 60
Physical Shape: 6
Agility: 5
Accuracy: 6
Intelligence: 6
AP: 8
Strength: 9
Speed: 5 km/h
Maximum Capacity: 18 kg
Sniper: 62
Doctor: 18
Veterinary: 15
Mechanic: 16
Salary: $520/month
Location: Caganel
Reason for being an easter egg: This appears to be a reference to Pedro Sanchez, a character from Napoleon Dynamite. They share first names, and the picture is very similar to what Pedro Sanchez looks like in the movie.

Town Names[]

Some of the names of the towns mean other things in different languages. If anyone knows any, please add them to this category.

Diep Gat is Dutch for Deep Hole

Abu Kirdyk is a mix of Arabic with Russian slang with the implied meaning of 'A place you're likely to die at'

Sekir Bashka is Russian for Head Cutting

Hara is Hebrew for 'shit'

Smerd is Russian for Stink, or Stench

Masriah is Hebrew for Something That Stinks

Merdin is probably derived from the French 'merde', which translates to, you guessed, 'shit'

Verdammter Platz is German for Damned Place

Nirgendwo is German for Nowhere

Drushlak is Russian for Strainer

Caganel is a reference from a quote: "The stream was both a moat and a sewer, and as such became known as the Caganell - the shit stream. Occasionally in torrential weather it will surge back up to the surface and flood what Garcia Lorca described as the only street in the world he wished would never end, with raw sewage. The stream emptied into the Caganell lagoon."

Poca Cosa translates into Insignificant when translated from Italian. In Spanish it also means little thing.