Caravaneer Wiki

Experience is a factor that determines the ability of a player or hireable characters.

AP raising[]

It seems that starting experience (for instance, Thich Nhat Co has 520 starting exp.) doesn't factor in the formula for raising AP, only the extra exp. gained.

To raise AP by 1 point, you must spend ((Current AP - Starting AP + 1)*10)^2 AP in battle.

Training and gaining experience[]

Experience is gained by:

- moving in the desert (very slowly)

- healing or being healed whilst moving (not sure which one)

- attacking in battle

- moving in battle

It seems the amount of damage dealt doesn't factor in the amount of experience gained, nor does killing itself does. Every step in battle gives about 0.1 experience

Some easy ways of training experience are:

- Attacking small groups of weak bandits bare handed, this way you don't have to waste time searching bandits, don't waste bullets, hardly get damaged (be sure to move just enough squares so the bandits can't attack you but they do stand right near you after they have moved)