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The region the game takes place in is officially under control of the government, but they can only control the north west sector, dubbed The Core

   "The Government" is the offical governing body of the region in which Caravaneer takes place. The government is seated in the capital of the rgion, Qubba and is headed by Oswald Raff.

There is much controversy among citizens in the region regarding the government and there actions. It is alleged by Sherrif McCoy of Poca Cosa that Oswald Raff has made dealings with bandits to let him transport gold from Sekir Bashka and Abu Kirdyk to the capital in exchange for free reign over the outer towns. This theory is supported by the observation that the government takes little effort to deal with bandits.

The government has an unofficial rivalry with the Desert Patrol, a group centered in the south western sector of the region dedicated to protecting towns from bandits. Both groups vie for control over the region, but the Desert Patrol appears more concerned with its well-being.


if the player travels to Qubba, the capital of the region and center of the government, they can enter the Government Building and speak to Oswald Raff. During dialogue, the player has the option to either denounce and insult Oswald Raff, or praise him. If praised, Oswald will offer the player a quest for large sums of money. The player is given a pass to enter Fort Goks Military Base and pick up a trained specialist tasked with assassinating the leader of the Desert Patrol. Once picked up, the player is tasked with getting the assassin to Verdammter Platz, the headquarters of Desert Patrol. When the specialist has arrived, the game will be completed. The leader of Desert Patrol will have been assassinated and the government will assume full control over the region.