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Joseph Berg

Joseph Berg is a retired robber living in the town of Drushlak. He is part of the Desert Patrol story line. You must talk to Joseph Berg to discover the location of the robber hideout. However, if you mention Sherrif MacCoy, he will become angry and refuse to talk to you. But if you do not mention him, ask him to tell you the location of the robber hideout, and say you will pay him well, you can pay cash to get  the location. If you offer to pay him under $20,000 he will demand $50,000 (or if you offer him $50,000 right away). But if you offer $20,000 first, he will say "That's good money". Pay him what you agreed upon, and he will proceed to tell you:

"OK. You need to go to Abu Kirdyk. Take 113 direction [from Drushlak] and go about 130 KM. There's an underground bunker and a well armed squad guarding it. I don't think you'll ever get there.