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Oswald Raff

"Oswald Raff's government and robbers have a pact. According to this pact, the government only controls the Qubba region and lets robbers do what they like in the rest of the territory. In exchange, robbers pay Oswald Raff a tax and let him transport gold from mines in Abu Kirdyk and Sekir Bashka to Qubba. The caravan that takes care of this is called Caravan X.

Apart from transporting gold Caravan X buys stolen goods from robbers and sells them for a triple price in Qubba. Oswald Raff knows about it and encourages it, because a huge percentage of the profit goes to his pocket."

- John Sheppard about Oswald Raff

Oswald Raff is the leader for the Government. He is found in the Government Headquarters in the city of Qubba. You can get missions to help the government here.

His government is a kleptocracy, meaning "rule of thieves" since he let robbers operate in the rest of the territory outside Qubba region.