The police are a group of people that patrol the Core and will kill any robbers they find. However, if they catch you you will be forced to pay a $1000 fine or fight them. If you choose to fight them, you will be declared a criminal and other police squads will attempt to kill you on sight. However, if you complete the Oswald Raff story line, you will no longer have to pay these fines.

(From Whirled): Please note that unless you want to bring giant trouble on yourself, DO NOT FIGHT THE POLICE. Unless your extremely well equipped, there's no way you're gonna be able to survive endless waves of police. Even then, you're going to take casualties slowly and loose all you're best people. Seriously, just don't fight them. But if you DO decide to fight them, rockets and snipers will be best. Machine guns are nice too. Anything else, don't even bother trying to use them.

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