Caravaneer Wiki

There is only one cheat to this game that I am aware of. This cheat is easy to do but difficult to master.


Step 1:

Arrive at any town with a [Shop]

Step 2:

Enter the [shop]

Step 3:

Sell an item from the [Your Items] side of the menu.

Step 4:

Click the upwards arrow from the [Shop's Items] side of the menu.

Step 5:

Buy the item listed as [xundefined] form the [Shop's Items] side of the menu in any quantity.

The Results

1.) Your [Cargo] will have NaN in the Weight side of the fraction which enables you to carry any amount of cargo and items.

2.) Your [Money] will have the value of $NaN. This is like having infinite cash.

3.) You will be able to have infinite water from the well regardless of containers.

4.) You will be able to buy any amount of any item except animals, vehicles, and carts because those types of items are bought by whats in stock so no menu for quantity appears. *Edit* In addition, you are also limited by how many people you have hired.


In the event that you do not want to cheat anymore, you can simply sell or throw away the undefined item


Although there are many benefits to this cheat it does not allow you to alter your stats or the stats of your companions. That is to say you can't increase your Strength, Weight capacity, Accuracy, Agility, or Intelligence so loadouts and capabilities are based on how much experience you and your companions have. So this leaves the choices of battles and tactics soley in your hands so choose your actions wisely.

-created by mboochin

*Edit* Please remember not to bankrupt towns. It may make you a lot of money in the short term by selling a lot of items at once, but if the wealth of citizens reaches 0 then they won't be able to buy anything in the future.
(From Whirled): But for the standard gamer, don't use the cheat. It seriously ruins gameplay, and causes all sorts of glitches in the game to appear.