Caravaneer Wiki

Eventually you'll probably get tired of walking everywhere, watching the sand dunes creeping by, getting swarmed by robbers you can't outrun... and when you do, it might be time to buy a vehicle.

You will have to leave the south-eastern Backwaters to buy them, and you'll need to start carrying an extra supply of fuel since pushing them across the sand is not an option and not every town has gas for sale. You'll also need enough seats for your entire crew, and to get rid of any animal slower than a horse to get any benefit out of owning a vehicle, since the caravan always moves at the pace of the slowest thing in it. But once all that's taken care of, just watch those sand dunes flying by! The robbers can choke on your dust!

Also note that not all towns that sell vehicles also sell fuel. Buy fuel before purchasing vehicles. Unless you bring your own, you may buy a new Jeep or ATV, only to have to immediately abandon it if the shop won't buy it back!

Name Found In Approximate Cost Health Seats Cargo Fuel Consumption Tank Size Speed Pros Cons Efficiency
Arctic Cat 50cc ATV

Arctic Cat 50cc ATV.jpg

Okaidi, Verdammter Platz, all of the northwestern Core towns $3400-4500 100 Driver + 0 75 kg 3 L / 100 km 8 L 15 km / hr Cheap to buy and doesn't take much fuel to run Slowest speed of all cars, low cargo capacity 25 kg/L / 100 km
Yamaha Raptor 700R

Yamaha Raptor 700R.jpg

Hara, Qubba $7500-$8300 150 Driver + 0 200 kg 6 L / 100 km 11 L 25 km / hr Fastest vehicle in the game Low cargo capacity 33.33 kg/L / 100 km
Jeep CJ-5

Jeep CJ-5.jpg

Nirgendwo, Hara, Qubba $15,000-19,000 300 Driver + 1 800 kg 25 L / 100 km 57 L 20 km / hr Good cargo capacity. Takes tons of fuel to run. 32 kg/L / 100 km
Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender.jpg

Qubba (Rarely Fort Goks and Smerd) $25,000-$28,000 400 Driver + 3 1000 kg 15 L / 100 km 60 L 20 km / hr Slightly more fuel-efficient than the Hummer, MUCH better than Jeep Since you need more Rovers than Hummers, they take up more space in the battlefield 66.66 kg/L / 100 km
Hummer H1

Hummer H1.jpg

Qubba (Rarely Fort Goks and Smerd) $38,016 500 Driver + 4 1800 kg 28 L / 100 km 160 L 20 km / hr Biggest cargo capacity and most seats of any car. High fuel consumption 64.29 kg/L / 100 km
Fuel Efficiency
Vehicle Fuel Consumption Per Passenger / 100 km Fuel Efficiency Per Kg / 100km
Arctic Cat 50cc ATV 3 25
Yamaha Raptor 700R 6 33.3
Jeep CJ-5 12.5 32
Land Rover Defender 3.75 66.6
Hummer H1 5.6 64.3

Empty Vehicle Shop[]


Sometimes, what ends up happening is that all the vehicles in the shops are gone. You can't find any at all.Don't panic-this is temporary. Those NPC caravans will buy up vehicles over time. They will eventually buy ALL the vehicles. When this happens, the game will automatically have its towns start "making" vehicles. After a couple of months of ingame time, there will be a fresh stock of vehicles in the animal shop. Be patient and wait it out, the vehicles will appear again eventually.